What is Super Affiliate System 3.0?

Super Affiliate System 3.0 is a training program that shows you how to start your own affiliate marketing business and get benefits from it in as little time as possible with John Creastani’s demonstrated techniques.
The program mostly centers around the significance of paid advertising and how you can get quicker outcomes through it. Paid ads are the quickest way to drive targeted traffic to your site/offers and start making sales in no time. So in the Super Affiliate System, Crestani will teach you how to do this and get fast results – only if you follow his techniques.

What’s Inside This Course?

The course’s objective is to enable you to become an expert at generating traffic that converts in about 6 weeks.
Within a month and 2 weeks, you’ll gain access to 50 hours of video content that teache you all aspects of paid traffic. The training is presented bit by bit, which allows you to see each idea plainly.
With the course, you’ll be educated on the most proficient method to use paid advertisements. Every internet marketer will agree that paid promotions are worth it because of its potential to deliver quick results.
This is, however, not to imply that free traffic methods don’t work. What I am stating is that paid promotions are bound to deliver quick outcomes as opposed to organic or free traffic.
In Super Affiliate System (SAS), you will learn the most effective methods to use all paid promotion channels like on and get real results, including:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Native Ads
  • Google
  • And significantly more!

What’s Included In The Course

Module 1: Introduction and System Setup

This first module teaches you how to join the best/any affiliate network so that you can start promoting different offers.

Module 2: Success Skills

In this module, you’ll learn about picking a niche, locating the best offer for your niche, and picking an ad network to promote your offers.

Module 3: Marketing Skills

Super Affiliate System 3.0 module 3 teaches you how to be a better advertiser using the brain science of promotions. Here, John also reveals his 17 stage formula to make you a copywriting expert.

Module 4: Facebook and Google Ads

Module 4 of Super Affiliate System 3.0 takes a look at the importance of Facebook Ads and how to play safe when advertising partner offers on their Facebook. There’s a lot of vital information in this area, so following attentively.

Module 5: Native and Youtube Ads

This module explains two unique methods that you can’t find in most courses, which are Native Ads and YouTube Ads.
You’ll learn how to create Native/Local Ads with platforms, such as MGID, Voluum, Taboola, and Outbrain.

Module 6: Scaling and Outsourcing

In the last week of training, you’ll learn how to use sales funnel with CLickfunnels, which can help you get leads and build your only list. “The money is in the list.”
You’ll also learn how the art of media buying, as well as how to outsource some aspects of your business if you don’t have enough time to do everything by yourself.
I need to admit that at first, I was somewhat scared of the paid marketing techniques from the start. Even though I understood long ago that the monthly expenses from these promotions are nothing compared with the returns, as long as you start off on the right foot.

Who’s John Crestani?

John Crestani is well-known in the affiliate world. He has helped many of his students start their online business, many of whom are making well above $1000 monthly. He is the brain behind the course Super Affiliate System.
Presently, John makes over $500,000 every month from his various online businesses, and this amount is still on the increase every month.
After making great achievements in Affiliate Marketing, John chose to create this course with the aim that he can show others how to be a successful affiliate using paid advertising.

The Price?

Super Affiliate System 3.0 is accessible at the cost of $997. I understand that this may be a bit on the high side for some but it’s well worth it considering the value it contains. There’s really no amount too high for starting an online business on the right foot, especially when you’re learning from the many years of experience of an expert and avoiding costly mistakes and the steep learning curve.
John offers two payment options. Well, I think he’s a nice guy!
The first option is the one-time payment of $997, which from the start might be very costly, particularly for beginners.
If you can’t afford the full payment at once, don’t stress! You can also get the course through a 3-step installment which costs just $397.
If you’re on a tight budget, I’d suggest the second option.

Pros and Cons of Super Affiliate System 3.0

What are the Pros?

• Awesome Support Team
• Get Faster Results with Paid Ads
• Highly instructive
• 30-Days Money-back Guarantee
• Private Community for Insider Secrets
• Very Useful Tools and Resources


• The strategy works for Paid Ads only
• Price isn’t affordable for everybody, but it’s worth it

Things I Like About the Course

Every exercise you will get is exceptionally instructive and very much informative. You will get quickly familiar with affiliate marketing without passing up anything.
Each exercise is designed and created by John Crestani himself. This ought to consistently be a standard on training programs since it will decide if the organizer is genuine with the plan that he/she is selling you. This approach will demonstrate that the skills of the author don’t just depend on an attempt to sell something. But instead with the general delivery of the program.
The support group is helpful: The support is responsive and is eager to hit you up as quickly as time permits. You won’t experience any difficulty contacting them and are glad to listen to you.

Who Is This Training Program actually for?

John Crestani Course is ideal for you if:
• You’re are hoping to make your First Commission Online
• You’re hoping to begin your career in Affiliate Marketing.
• It would be best if you turned into a successful advertiser.

• You don’t have a clue how to run paid promotions.
• It would be best if you boosted your benefits in partner promotion through Paid Ads.

Final Thoughts

Super Affiliate System 3.0 is one of the best, most straightforward and guaranteed ways in which you can start making/earning money online and even better boost your business with the techniques provided in the course. It focuses on beginners and individuals who want to make some extra bucks or build a passive income stream online.
The website is well structured and organized to allow you to have an easy go through time with all the necessary learning templates. The site has many training resources. It also has weekly coaching sessions by the owner himself, John Crestani.

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